What You Don’t Put in the Soup Goes Down the Loo

Schweiz 2011, Experimentalfilm, Blu-ray Farbe, 24’ | Regie & Buch Kirsten Burger, Laura Vogel | Bildgestaltung Kirsten Burger | Schnitt Imri Kahn | Ton Milian Vogel | Produktion Gesellschaft für zeitgenießenden Tanz

»At the circus, people smile when dying. I won't smile. I'll die only on film …. And when I've died, the light will go out and I'll be alive again. I'll never die entirely! I'm going to hold on to life for more than a 100 years! «
Aglaja Veteranyi

Kirsten Burger and Laura Vogel combine dance elements with texts from Aglaja Veteranyi, the Rumanian author and actress who took her own life in Lake Zurich in 2002.


KIRSTEN BURGER lives in Berlin as a film director, actress, dancer and writer. Her works are remarkable for the way they transcend genre. She studied fine art, drama and dance in Hamburg and Vienna. As founder member of Oper Dynamo West, she has produced numerous theatre productions, films and music videos.
Performer and choreographer LAURA VOGEL qualified at the French National Circus School in Paris and Châlon-en-Champagne. She continued her contemporary dance training in Berlin. She has now lived in Zurich for four years and dances for the OONA Project, the Jenni Arne Dance Company and, as an aerial dancer, for öff öff productions in Bern.


Films by Kirsten Burger
Kunst-Axt 2010 | Stürmt den Pallast 2009 | Zum König geboren 2009 | Für Immer 2006


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Kirsten Burger, Laura Vogel
Experimentalfilm, Kurzfilm