UFO in Her Eyes

Deutschland 2010, Spielfilm, DCP, Farbe, 110’ | Regie Xiaolu Guo | Buch Xiaolu Guo, Pamela Casey | Bildgestaltung Michal Tywoniuk | Schnitt Nikolai Hartmann | Ton Philippe Ciompi | Musik Mocky | Darsteller_innen Shi Ke, Udo Kier, Mandy Zhang, Y. Peng Liu, Z. Lan, Massela Wie, Dou Li u. a. | Produktion oder Produzent cozazón international in Co_produktion mit NDR | Arte | Verleih Pandora Film GmbH & Co Verleih KG

»UFO in Her Eyes is a local yet totally universal story. No one, no matter how unimportant they might seem, is immune from the big economic machine rolling over our lives.«
Xiaolu Guo

Kwok Yun, thirty-something, is having an affair with the married village-school teacher. But it does not fill the emptiness in her life or satisfy her desire for change. Following one of their countryside trysts, she hears a strange noise and thinks she can see an UFO in the sky. Overcome by a powerful force, she loses consciousness. When she re-awakens, an injured Americas businessman (#Udo Kier) is lying next to her. He's the first Westerner she's ever seen. She takes him back home and tends to his wounds. Then, suddenly, he vanishes too. But when she reports the UFO incident to Chief Chang, the village leader, she plays it by the rulebook and passes this information on to higher authorities, thus triggering a chain reaction. So while government officials interrogate the villagers about the alleged UFO sighting, Chief Chang seizes the heaven-sent opportunity. Under her management and with the support of nouveau-riche Bill Huang, she uses a UFO information centre to abruptly catapult the village and its inhabitants into the 21st century. Kwok Yun also gets sucked into the vortex of t a system that, in the name of progress, has no time for individual dreams. If the future of the village has now been decided by the state, Kwok Yun's future is very much open.
UFO in Her Eyes is Xiaolu Guo's second feature film, based on her novel of the same name. It is a satire on the relentless desire for progress in the China of today and relates ultimately of people's alienation from their own culture.


XIAOLU GUO was born 1973 in a fishing village in China. At the age of 19, she enrolled to study literature and film at the Beijing Film Academy. While still a student, she was awarded the National Filmwriter Prize for her screenplay Love in the Internet Age. After graduating with an MA, she moved to London in 2002 and began to make a name for herself as film-maker and author. In 2004, she debuted with The Concrete Revolution, a documentary film about the building boom in Beijing. Her novel A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers (2007) was published in more than 25 countries and is set to be filmed by Wayne Wang, In 2009, Ms Guo founded the Metaphysical Cinema Syndicate in London and Beijing. Its aim:  to promote film productions that represent a free cinema operating outside the bounds of conventional narrative style. During this year's film festival, Ms Guo will sitting on the jury of the International Debut Feature Film Competition.


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Saturday, 21 April 2012, 7.00 p.m., Filmpalette, Ticket

Xiaolu Guo