The Sole, Between Water and Sand

Frankreich 2011, Animationsfilm, Beta SP, Farbe, 15’ | Regie, Buch, Bildestaltung, Schnitt, Produktion, Weltvertrieb Angèle Chiodo | Ton Christian Phaure | Musik Julien Carton | Darsteller_innen Colette Macret

Over 45 million years ago, a fish now known as the common sole took an asymmetric shape … and nobody knows why exactly. In the winter months of 2010, a research team attempts to solve this evolutionary puzzle. La Sole tells of their adventures, assisted by film-maker Angèle Chiodo and her grandma.


ANGÈLE CHIODO was born 1986 and has lived with her grandmother since 1999. She works in the field of graphic design and animation. She films her apartment as the seasons of the year pass by and as its cohabitants move in.


Friday, 20 April 2012, 10.00 p.m., Odeon 1, Ticket

Angèle Chiodo
Animationsfilm, Kurzfilm