Ms. Thing

Kanada 2010, Comedy, DigiBeta, Farbe, 7’ | Regie Karen X. Tulchinsky | Buch Mette Bach | Bildgestaltung Dianne Whelan | Schnitt Jenypher Fisher | Ton Gael McLean | Musik Andrea Hector | Darsteller_innen Melanie Bray, Kim Barsanti, Rika Moorhouse, Tanya Fruehauf und andere | Produktion Passionate Warrior Productions | Weltvertrieb Passionate Warrior Productions

Ms. Thing is about Jill, an open-minded lesbian, who looks for love in all the wrong places. Just when Jill's situation has come to an all-time low, she finds help in the shape of Ms. Thing. Not a man, not even a woman, but the perfect solution for women who are fed up with conventional relationships. Ms. Thing responds to Jill's needs, plies her with unreserved love and and long-lasting sexual satisfaction.
Karen X. Tulchinsky's film is a parody of a late night TV infomercial.


KAREN X. TULCHINSKY is a novel writer and graduating in scriptwriting from the Canadian Film Centre. For her novel The Five Books of Moses Lapinsky she won the One-Book-One-Vancouver Award in 2008. She wrote TV series such as Robson Arms (CTV) or The Guard (Global) and worked as a director and creative consultant for documentations and lifestyle series for numerous other television stations. Her feature film debut, I Shot The Sheriff, is currently being filmed by Canadian director Clement Vigo.


Films by Karen X. Tulchinsky
The Sign 2004


Awards for ›Ms. Thing‹
Publikumspreis, Queer Fruits Film Festival, 2010 | Besondere Erwähnung, Kurzfilmpreis, Out On Screen, 2010


Sunday, 22 April 2012, 2 p.m., Filmforum, Ticket

Karen X. Tulchinsky
Comedy, Kurzfilm
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