Deutschland 2007, Kurzspielfilm, 35mm, Farbe, 30’ | Regie & Buch Fritz Böhm, nach einem Bilderbuch von Tomi Ungerer | Bildgestaltung Michael Praun | Schnitt Horst Reiter | Ton Oliver Angermüller | Musik Martina Eisenreich, Julian Heidenreich | Darsteller_innen Michael Tregor, Jana Andjelkovic, Ralf Richter, Piet Klocke | Produktion Toccata Film GbR in Koproduktion mit Arri Group, HFF München und dem Bayerischen Rundfunk | Deutscher Verleih: Toccata Film GbR

The Man in the Moon (Michal Tregor) is lonely and bored. He dreams all the time of being on Earth and among people. One night, with the help of a comet that just happens to be flying by, he manages to travel to Earth. Fritz Böhm's film, which is based on the Mondmann book by Tomi Ungerer, uses wonderful sumptuous pictures to tell the story of the Man in the Moon's journey to Earth, a journey that doesn't quite proceed as he had imagined it.


FRITZ BÖHM was born 1980 in Berlin and spent part of his childhood in New Jersey before taking his senior high school examinations in Netphen (NRW). In 2001, he shot his first 16mm film Ein Brudermord (Fratricide). During his studies at the Munich University of Television & Film, he founded the production company Toccata Film together with fellow students Sven Nuri and Christoph Strunck – i.e. the company which produced the children's adventure story Mondmann to subsequent acclaim at film festivals around the world.


Films by Fritz Böhm
Ein Brudermord 2001


Awards for ›Mondmann‹ (Selection)
Erster Platz, Kinder-Medien-Preis »Der weiße Elefant« Münchner Filmfest 2007 | Bester Kinderfilm, Rhode Island Int' Film Festival 2007 | Bester Film, Beste Regie, Beste Kamera,  7. IFCT International Festival of Cinema & Technology, Los Angeles 2008


Friday, 20 April 2012, 11.30 a.m., Filmforum

Fritz Böhm