Lucky Seven

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Deutschland 2011, Spielfilm, 35mm Farbe, 26’ | Regie & Buch Claudia Heindel | Bildgestaltung Marc Mc Cauley | Schnitt Ulrike Tortora, Claudia Heindel, Saskia Kievits | Ton Matteo de Pellegrini | Musik Adam Leonard | Darsteller_innen Adam Doherty, Sean Canning, Ryan Green, Adam Lapicki | Produktion Nominalfilm | Verleih Nominalfilm

»Authentic and well observed, narrated to the point and with a poetic visual language, Claudia Heindel's graduation piece casts a tender light on raw reality«.
From the nomination statement for the First Steps Award

Three boys in Northern Ireland on the verge of adulthood: one swerves out of control in the attempt to experience life; another tries to find the meaning of life; and the third is in the process of trying to become one of them. None of them has any real goal apart from killing time and proving their juvenile strength on objects, animals and people. Each day is different. Yet each day is the same.


Following her high-school examinations, CLAUDIA HEINDEL gathered first experiences in photo studios and on documentary film and feature film productions in Germany and Northern Ireland. She then studied film-direction, majoring in documentary film, TV journalism and advertising at the University of Television and Film Munich. Lucky Seven was her graduation piece. Ms Heindel is now active as a photographer, author, editor and film director. She is currently working on her debut film.


Filme von Claudia Heindel
Heimat – Eine Suche 2009


Saturday, 21 April 2012, 8 p.m., Odeon 1, Ticket

Claudia Heindel