I Loved so Much

Marokko, Frankreich 2008, Dokumentarfilm, Beta SP, Farbe, 52’ | Regie, Buch, Bildgestaltung, Schnitt, Ton, Produktion, Vertrieb Dalila Ennadre

»I wanted to live and love, like all modern women«, says Fadma, who is now 75-years-old. When she was young she was employed by the French Army as a prostitute and accompanied the soldiers in the war in Indochina. Far from being nostalgic or regretting her work, she presents herself in Dalila Ennadre’s intimate portrait as an open and extremely entertaining protagonist. Today Fadma earns a living for herself and her adopted sons as a beggar and fights to be recognised by France as a war veteran. Her bubbling energy incites one to listen, to sympathise and learn more about the legacy of colonial Moroccan history.


Born in 1966 in Casablanca (Morocco), DALILA ENNADRE was raised in France. Between 1985 and 1996, she spent time in Guyana, Germany, Morocco and Canada. This self-taught filmmaker directs documentaries, concentrating on portraits of women and their daily life.


Films by Dalila Ennadre
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Awards for ›I Loved So Much‹
Preis für die beste Dokumentation, African Cinema Festival, Tarifa, 2008 |
spezielle Erwähnung der Jury, Carthage Cinema Journey, 2008


Saturday, 21 April 2012, 4 p.m., Filmforum, Ticket

Dalila Ennadre
Marokko, Frankreich
Fokus: Die arabische Welt