Deutschland 2012, Kurzspielfilm, DigiBeta, Farbe, 34’ | Bildgestaltung & Regie Julia Daschner | Buch Julia Daschner, Steffi Niederzoll | Ton, Sounddesign, Mischung Benjamin Simon | Schnitt Anna Kappelmann | Musik Rainer Bartesch, Fabian Klebig | Schnitt Anna Kappelmann | Darsteller Samia Chancrin, Gian Rupf | Produktion Münchner Filmwerkstatt e.V.

Bergig is the story of a love that cannot be. Jan is married with two children. Mona is 15 years younger. And yet they have fallen in love with each other. In a Tyrolean mountain hut, far from their daily lives, Mona and Jan try to find out what it is that they feel for each other. Whether and how they can be together. But reality catches up with both of them. Jan’s family is important to him and he is afraid of giving it up for an affair that suddenly flares up. Mona doesn’t know to what extent she can trust her feelings, because she has often realised after a few months that she has deceived herself in love. But still they keep on going one step further. They try to find themselves, to sense and make sense of things. And at the end they have to make a decision.


JULIA DASCHNER was born in 1980 in Munich. After doing work experience for a freelance television production company, she decided 2001 to take a film and television course at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts, including a semester abroad at the International School of Film and Television EICTV in Cuba. She graduated with the documentary film Auf der Walz. Today, she works as a freelance camerawoman and director.


Films by Julia Daschner (Selection)
Shanghai Crab 2011 | Zucchiniblüten 2010 | Auf der Walz 2009 | ein Sommer lang 2006 | Havanna, 30 de febrero 2005


Friday, 20 April 2012, 3 p.m., Odeon, Ticket

Julia Daschner
Wettbewerb Bildgestaltung