Jana Marsik and Sophie Maintigneux

Cinematography Workshop Discussion with Jana Marsik

moderated by Sophie Maintigneux

A feature for many years of the workshop discussions has been that Sophie Maintigneux has provided a broad range of subjects that illuminate concrete experiences on the set as well as ethical and film-political issues, and which in addition also take account of the individual circumstances of cinematographers. Jana Marsik, her discussion partner this year, is one of the few women cinematographers who work both in cinema and for TV and commercials. Sophie Maintigneux will discuss with her aesthetic, technical, commercial and also personal challenges in the profession of cinematography. Filmmakers, film students and the interested film public are invited to take part in the discussion. To prepare for this, films by Jana Marsik can be viewed in the video library of the festival.

Jana Marsik, born in 1974 in Kiel, learned in a film workshop in Boston in 1996 how to use a Bolex camera and made her first short films. Back in Germany, she studied film and television camera at the Film and Television University (HFF) »Konrad Wolff«, and since then, has worked as a cinematographer for directors such as Detlev Buck, Lars Büchel, Leander Haußmann and Christian Zübert. In 2002, she won the sponsorship prize of the German Camera Award for the films Long Shot and Schlorkbabies an der Raststätte. In 2009, she won the Bavarian Film Award for the cinematography of Same Same But Different and Lippels Traum, for which she was also nominated for the German Film Award. In 2008, she was appointed the city filmmaker of the city of Potsdam, and in 2009, was a guest lecturer at the dffb, German Film and Television Academy Berlin. In the documentary film Roku Rokâ – Hand in Hand in 2009 she was responsible for directing, production and cinematography.

When only in her mid-twenties, Sophie Maintigneux began working as a cinematographer with Eric Rohmer and Jean-Luc Godard. Since the end of the 1980s, the multiple award-winner has lived and worked in Berlin, has now made more than 70 feature films and documentaries and from 2006 to 2011 was head of the Camera Department at the dffb, German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Since 2011, she has been Professor for Cinematography of the Film Faculty at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts.

Saturday, 21 April 2012
11 - 4 p.m. 
Festival cinema Odeon
, Severinstraße 81, 50678 Köln

The talk will be held in German.