2 x klüger

Deutschland 2009, Documentary, 19' Director Piet Eekman | Camera Bernard Verstraete | Screenplay Piet Eekman | Sound Laurence Morel | Producer Meike Martens, Coproduced by WDR | Distributed by Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH

»Fuck off, nigger! Get lost, Pollack!« Serge from Ruanda and Filip from Poland, both eleven-years-old, live in the north part of Dortmund. They are constantly insulted and bullied by older youths. Being small, Filip chooses to run.
His friend Serge – although big and strong for his age –doesn‘t want any hassle from his mother. Yet her advice that »discretion is the better part of valour« does not help much.
Fortunately, they have their football and their friendship to keep them going. Both try hard to keep their frustration, anger and fear in check. The film was made as part of the child documentary film project »dok you« with boys and
girls from the Helmholtz Senior High School in Dortmund.


PIET EEKMAN studied film directing from 1988 to 1991 at the Film and Television University »Konrad Wolf«. After two years as a projectionist at Brussels Film Museum, he began work as a film producer and writer. He was employed as a producer at the ZDF TV studios in Brussels until 2000. Nowadays, he is a freelance film-maker and journalist.

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Piet Eekman
Documentary, Short Film
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