Frogs & Toads (Kikkerdril)

Niederlande 2009, Feature film, 70' Director Simone van Dusseldorp | Screenplay Simone van Dusseldorp, Simone van Dusseldorp | Director of Photography Daniël Bouquet | Editor Wouter Jansen | Sound Kees de Groot, Peter Flamman | Composer Beppe Costa, Johan Hoogeboom, Fay Lovsky, Arend Niks, Willem van Baarsen, Kees van der Vooren, Wart Wamsteker | Actor/Actress Nino den Brave, Whitney Franker, Juul Vrijbag, Geogina Verbaan, Renko Vrijdag | Producer Lemming Film / Bos Bros. Film & TV Productions / KRO

Little Max is allowed to visit his grandmother in the country while his elder brother has to go to hospital to have his tonsils out. Envious of his little brother, the elder brother tells him that only tadpoles can bring back his voice, which he has lost during the operation. And so little Max rushes out of the hospital and sets off on a difficult search for frogspawn.

We follow Max across meadows and through forests, along country roads and into farmyards. He finds a new girlfriend and together they encounter various wild and not so wild animals, where things get very musical. In the end the children even find the all-important frogspawn. Will the elder brother swallow it and get better?

A colourful and funny film that brings children a bit closer to nature and the animal kingdom. Wherever you look things are creeping or flying around, it's quite easy to lose your way. Not just incidentally we find out how the younger boy feels responsible for his elder brother and sticks up for him, how the grandmother tells the children about veterinary medicine, and we realise that girls can also make good friends, even if pink is their favourite colour!

Simone van Dusseldorp
Feature Film
School Film