La mosca en la cenzia

Argentinien 2009, Feature film, 100' Director Gabriela David | Camera Miguel Abal | Screenplay Gabriela David | Sound Sebastián Gonzáles | Actor/Actress Luis Machín, Luciano Cáceres, Cecilia Rosetto | Producer Gabriela David Distributed by Enrique Angeleri

The two young women Nancy and Pato leave their village in the northwest of Argentina in the belief that they will earn money with a cleaning job in Buenos Aires. Nancy, the elder one, is somewhat backward and illiterate, and follows Pato around like a sister. Once they arrive, they realise that they have been duped, and find themselves in a brothel. Imprisoned in the claustrophobic and brutal atmosphere of an apartment in a very middle class area, their hopes of a better future seem to be far away. Through the window they can see people going about their lives, but nobody helps them. Pato reacts violently, and is mercilessly bullied for this. Nancy, naive but at the same time pragmatic, adjusts better to her new situation. It soon becomes clear to both of them that escaping is not an option. On the contrary: those who cause problems are abducted in the middle of the night. The situation of the two women becomes more and more desperate. Should they really just accept their situation or fight with pride for their freedom and dignity?

In her film, based on true events, Gabriela David focuses on the close relationship between the two girls by contrasting Pato's self-destructive refusal to accept her situation with Nancy's silent acknowledgment of the fact that other moral laws apply in this environment.

GABRIELA DAVID was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and gained a masters degree in fine art from the national art school in 1980. Since 1978, she has worked as a director of feature films and independent productions for television, and has also worked on animation films and shorts. From 1993, she was professor for communication science at the University of Buenos Aires. Taxi, un encuentro – David's first feature film, won many awards, including the Silver Caravelle for the best ibero-american short film at the 1989 Bilbao film festival. Gabriela David died in November 2010.

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