The Resistance Top 10

Jutta Sundermann

A Talk with Jutta Sundermann

The term Wutbürger, translatable as Angry Citizens, was hailed in Germany as Word of the Year 2010. However, some of the persons so designated prefer to turn things round and classify themselves as Mutbürger or Courageous Citizens. As such, they are committed to a society of greater solidarity, genuine co-determination, worldwide fair trade, an energy revolution and the continuation of traditional agriculture. Since, unfortunately, politicians sometimes seem to be working for other objectives, it's not surprising that there is a lot of anger, protest and contrarianism.

People offering resistance or alternative ideas are popular on account of their credibility and creativity. It is hoped that the chart of successful and unusual protest actions to be presented here will inspire others to take part in changing things and dispel that forlorn feeling of not being able to do anything in this world.

Jutta Sundermann, born 1971, is a freelance journalist, a single parent with two children and a full-time activist. In 2000, she was co-founder of Attac, the international network of globalisation opponents, and is still involved in its co-ordination group. She has been active in several campaigns such as the Stop Price, Environmental and Social Dumping at Lidl and the Power to the People drive against major energy corporations. In 2009, on behalf of Attac, she was responsible for the publication of a satirical facsimile of Die Zeit, a quality broadsheet, and in 2010 for that of The Financial Crimes, another spoof. But Jutta Sundermann's activities are not confined to Attac. Along with the Voluntary Field Liberation Front, she goes into the fields to prevent the growth of genetically engineered crops. Similarly, she and the BUKO Campaign against Biopiracy recently stopped a patent being taken out on a tropical fruit.

Saturday 16 April 2011, 4pm, sweetSixteen, Depot, Immermannstraße 29, Dortmund