Real Snow White

Finnland/Frankreich/Niederlande 2009, Experimental, Short film, 9' Director Pilvi Takala | Camera Raphaël Siboni, Ahmet Ögut, Pénélope Gail | Screenplay Pilvi Takala | Sound Pilvi Takala | Producer Pilvi Takala Distributed by AV-arkki | Production Company AV-arkki

»My daughter thought she was the real Snow White.«
A Mother

Pilvi Takala comes up against the Draconian regulations of Disneyland and the absurd logic of the true character of a Disney figure when she wants to visit the theme park dressed as Snow White. The wary security staff refuse to let her in and mystified visitors wonder whether she is the real Snow White.


PILVI TAKALA currently lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated 2006 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (MFA). Her works are narratives based on site-specific interventions. The actions aim to reveal and question unwritten rules and shared truths of the specific social setting in a subtle way. The actual artworks produced, based on the actions, are mostly videos, but also include photographs and publications.

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Pilvi Takala
Finland, France, Nehterlands
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Now What