In Free Fall
D 2010, Dir.: Hito Steyerl

Although open to films of all lengths and genres, Panorama does not aspire to be the representative overview. It provides instead a topical choice of approx. 40 outstanding productions that showcase the latest works by women film-makers – from experimental shorts to full-length features. Even so, the festival team feels obliged to foster a certain artistic approach that moves away from the confines of narration. More often than not, it is social moods that the women directors capture, as they chart various microcosms and present troubling cameos which – rather like seismographs at an emotional level – give us new insights into social sensitivities in distress. It is as if we the viewers receive a filmic invitation to observe the world through the back door. In the feature films, for example, the element of crisis is often reflected in deep predicaments of a personal nature. This year, the women directors use narrative film structure to take a renewed interest in women characters, female protagonists whose male partners are not exactly amenable to a way out that offers any security. With relationships hardly possible any more, the characters are left to their own devices and come over as somewhat perplexed by the diffuse lack of perspective.

The films:

12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still

143 Wagnisse

Along the G-Line

Body of War

The Child

Code Blue


Entre nos mains

Femme d'Afrique


Git Cut Noise

L'Hypothèse du Mokélé-Mbembé

In Free Fall

Kawałek Lata (A Piece of Summer)


Lucky Seven

El Lugar Más Pequeño

Magma – No. 1 from 8

Miten Marjoja Poimitaan (How to Pick Berries)

Monster Attack

München – Teheran


Nichts für die Ewigkeit

Nogomet (Football)

The Off Hours

Oi Nymfes Tou Hindu Kush (The Nymphs of Hindu Kush)

One Thousand Ways to Skin It


Roozi ke man napadid shodam (The Day I Disappeared)

La Sole, Entre l’eau et le sable

Das Translator

UFO in Her Eyes

Vakha i Magomed (Vakha and Magomed)

Was nicht in die Suppe kommt, geht ins Klo

The Woman Who Talks to the Animals