Online-Streaming of the Debut Feature Film Competition starts on September 9th

CLEO (D: Eva Cools)

Eight current feature films have been nominated for the International Debut Feature Film Competition, which has 10,000 € in prize money on offer. The films by the female directors in this competition are veritable seismographs when it comes to analysing our social contexts. They are debut creations that have an inherent courage to try things out, to play around, while at the same time displaying great visual power and narrative strength.The films present us with strong female protagonists and recount stories of confidence and chaos, of fateful decisions and unexpected solidarity. In their portrayals of the struggle for independence and self-determination, they conjure up countless magical moments of hypnotic power. Five continents are represented in the competition, the individual countries being Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Taiwan and Cyprus.

The  Competition-Trailer  gives some insights on the wide spectrum of this year's selection. (Editing: Conny Beissler)

--> The following 5 films will be online available for streaming from 9 - 13 September. This site will be accessible for registration from September 8th: IFFF-Kino-Kanal  Online-Ticket: 5 Euro 

A Febre (The Fever) 
Feature, BR/FR/GER 2019, 98’, D: Maya Da-Rin, original version with English subtitles
-Award winning film 2020- (The film will also be shown on 12 September, 6 p.m.: Odeon Kino Cologne, tickets)

Feature, BE 2019, 105’, D: Eva Cools, original version with English subtitles

Da E (Heavy Craving)
Feature, TW 2019, 90’, D: Pei-ju Hsieh, original version with  English subtitles 

Feature, KZ 2019, 75’, D: Sharipa Urazbayeva, original version with English subtitles

Páfsi (Pause)
Feature, CY/GR 2018, 96’, D: Tonia Mishiali, original version with German subtitles



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