First award-winners 2020

Off Season (D 2019, Dir: H. Beckhoff, DoP: Sabine Panossian)

The first award winners of the International Women's Film Festival 2020 are announced: In the National Competition for Women Directors of Photography the Award for a documentary film (worth € 2,500 €) goes to Doro Götz for her film Lost in Face (directed by Valentin Riedl). The prize for a feature film in this competition goes to Sabine Panossian for Off Season (Director: Henning Beckhoff). The winner of the first Shoot award is Anna Ansone.

Relaxing one last time as a couple before the child is born – this topic is addressed by Off Season. But while Gregor is already fully into the feeling of being a family, Judith is still struggling to come to terms with her role as a mother – and at some point heads off to explore Sicily, alone.
Carlotta is Lost in Face, because she can't recognize any faces, not even her own. Neuroscientist Valentin Riedl wanders through Carlotta’s worlds full of anthropomorphic animals, lucid dreams and bumpy wrong turns, gradually peeling away her idiosyncratic and artistic solutions. Both films will be presented at the Festival in discussion with the jury (Paola Calvo, Beate Middeke and Ute Freund).

As ambassadors of gender equality, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Dortmund | Cologne IWFF have launched a new joint award: The Shoot – Award for Female Artists of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne also carries a prize of EUR 1,000 for the winner. The award covers fictional, experimental, animated and documentary works. The award will be conferred each year from now on, with the winner chosen by a three-member jury of the Dortmund | Cologne IWFF curator team.

The winner of the Shoot 2020 award is Anna Ansone. Ansone’s short films are permeated by a leitmotif that makes her artistic vision clearly visible. Death and loss are the major themes that she resolutely addresses. In doing so, she finds surprising images and unusual character constellations. The carefully crafted cinematography of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne graduate demonstrates an outstanding sense of rhythm and atmosphere. The award-winning film will be presented at the awards ceremony on 29 March, along with an interview with the winning artist.

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