Performances at the IFFF

After the performance LOVER IN IMPROVEMENT by Anna-Lena Meisenberg the visitors of the festival will look forward to more exciting shows.

The artist Lisa Dormin will show her performance ITS 'SO SAD THE GIRAFFE IS DEAD on Thursday, April 6 at 6 pm in the cinema of the Dortmunder U. The mysterious suicide of a giraffe in the Cairo Giza Zoo during the revolution in Egypt becomes a media event. The macabre coherence of the behavior of the animals to the situation of the people is staged in the performance.

The TRANSNATIONAL ENSEMBLE LABSA is artistically exploring the tension between the new and old homeland: 27 people from 17 nations come together under the umbrella of the "Laboratory for sensory comforts" in Dortmund. The ensemble has recently produced numerous videos alongside various theater projects. A selection is now presented - embedded in a performance with music, theater and dance. Thursday, April 6 at 8 pm in the sweetSixteen.

The opening act for the long movie night on Friday April 7 at 8.30 pm at the sweetSixteen, is provided by the filmmaker, artist and performer Lisa Gornick. In LISA GRONICK'S LESBIAN FILM DRAWING SHOW she combines all her professions. Like in the studio, Lisa sits at a table with pens, paper, books, photographs, telephone. Then she starts to tell stories and to develop them ... The IFFF is very pleased that Lisa Gornick will also give a performance at the awards ceremony on Sunday, April 9 at 7 pm.

The audiovisual performance WHAT'S GOOD? by Anja Kaiser and Katharina Merten will be seen on the long movie night on Friday 7 April from 8.30 pm at the sweetSixteen. The two artists perform an intimate journey under the surface of a heterosexual-male-dominated pop industry.

With a perception of art that balances private and public life, CLUB FORTUNA takes pleasure in causing perplexity on Fryday, April 7 at 6 pm.Collaborative projects bear such names as »The World«, »Defensive« and »Maximum Desire«. They are episodes that recall, post-ironically and humorously, everyday challenges and sometimes models of society. CLUB FORTUNA is a group of artists consisting of Xenia Lesniewski, Julia Rublow and Sarah Sternat.  Their broad range of activity includes a variety of experiments across art, society, and existentially motivated life-help.

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