Country Focus: Mexico

Adela Sequeyro

Within the framework of the official Germany Year in Mexico (2016/2017), the Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival is proud to present a specific Country Focus on Mexico.

In addition to Argentina and Brazil, Mexico has one of the most extensive back catalogues of film in Latin America. Worth singling out here is the work of Mexican cinema pioneers such as silent-movie star Elena Sánchez Valenzuela or film-maker Adela Sequeyro who, in 1937, was to become the first Mexican director to produce a movie: La mujer de nadie (Nobody's Wife).

Since the 1990s, however, the number of women film-makers has increased continually. In numerous films and documentaries, they expose the problems facing their homeland while relating of violence, oppression and deprivation on the one hand and of self-assertion on the other. Thus they explore their personal and cultural identities against the backdrop of urban and social realities.

These thematic focal points have been crucial in the development of new narrative mechanisms and hybrid visual languages as well as in the renewal of feminist discourse in Latin American cinema. Reason enough, we think, to give this country of many contrasts its own programme section.

Focus: Mexico Programme

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