Do We Need Other Stories? Keynote by Kathrin Resetarits

Photo: Magdalena Kallenberger

At the 8th discussion organized by Dortmund | Cologne IWFF in cooperation with drehbuchForum Wien and FC Gloria on the status of women* in film business and gender equity at the Berlinale 2020 titeled “The Other Story: Feminist Scripts in Cinema now”, Kathrin Resetarits held the inspiring keynote below.

Keynote by Kathrin Resetarits

"We already have one. And we have countless scriptwriting manuals and experts that say that this one story, this one narrative structure, is absolutely sufficient. Why? Because you can express everything with it. They claim it is something like a neutral container in which you can transport all content. It's supposed to be neutral because it's supposed to be natural – the natural way human beings tell stories through all times and cultures. In my opinion, everything that is sold to you as natural and God-given and hence unquestionable should make you strongly suspicious. But those manuals deliver you a prefabricated set of rules, a building kit that is supposed enable you produce a successful script in 21 days, 35 steps... or whatever.  This prefabricated set of rules links your narrative material in a way that automatically produces certain forms of spectator attachment and suspense. And if you are able to assemble the parts according to the manual you are likely to produce something that can “drive". What most of the proud model-makers don't realise, is that it always drives in the same direction. One of the reasons they don't realise this might be that this canonised narrative structure is a vehicle for a predominant ideology. A patriarchal, neoliberal ideology whose core beliefs, interestingly, are also often justified by their alleged naturality and thus neutrality. [...]"

You can find the full keynote by Kathrin Resetarits here

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