Rose Tinted

Great Britain 2007, Experimental, 5' | Director, Screenplay, Editor, Sound Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers | Music Nico | Cast Anita Ekberg

In 1939 producer and director John Farrow made the cult B-movie Five Came Back. In 1956 he produced a remake of the film, under the title Back From Eternity, with Anita Ekberg. In the 70's "RKO Pictures" produced a 20-minute version for the home cinema market. In this montage, most of the footage of Anita Ekberg had been cut. What remained was mainly the action scenes of the men.

Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers re-edited this material and eliminated the male roles to a large extent. What was left over was the film's subconscious - in sublime pink.


Since 1994 BEV ZALCOCK and SARA CHAMBERS have collaborated as Pitbull Productions. Until 2006 this also included the dog star Maisie, who appeared in many of the films. Pitbull Productions films are short, experimental and almost no budget. We believe in laughter and the revolution, is Bev's and Sara's statement about their work.

Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers
Great Britain
desired! film lust & queer