Roma Boys – Pribeh Casky

Czech Republic 2009, Documentary, 30' | Director Rozálie Kohoutová | DoP Lukás Kokes | Screenplay Rozálie Kohoutová, David Tiser | Sound Ladislav Greiner | Cast Michael Saray, David Tiser, Pavlina Matiov, Ivan Saray, Varmila Kucharov, Vera Duzdova

The wish to share his complicated story with the world led to gay Roma activist David writing a screenplay about his life. His standing as an activist in the homophobic Roma community is jeopardised by his coming-out.
This distinctive narrative offers an insight into a threefold discrimination: of Roma people, of homosexuals and of Roma homosexuals by their own community.


In 2003, ROZÁLIE KOHUTOVÁ was accepted at Charles University, where she majored in Roma culture, which has since been a recurring theme in her works. During her studies she worked with Czech Television. In 2006, she was admitted to the FAMU's Documentary Film Department.

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Rozálie Kohoutová, Rozalie Kohoutova
Czech Republic
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Now What