Ride a white Horse

Great Britain 2006, Music Video, 3' | Director Diane Martel | Music Goldfrapp

Lend me a whole new world. All night. Feel life, oh ooh! When is there ever sense to love this world, oh ooh! Alison Goldfrapp, singer of the electro-pop duo Goldfrapp, walks on high heels throughout this video, dressed all in white. And yet toilet paper is stuck to her platform shoes, the stage is stuck together with cardboard and the male ballet dancers emerge from the trash can. Real trash!


American music video director DIANE MARTEL started out as a choreographer, for the REM video Shiny Happy People from 1991 among others. She made videos for numerous big names in the music business, including The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguillera, Beyoncé, the Pussycat Dolls and many more.

Diane Martel
Great Britain
Music Video
Focus: Freedom