The Investigation (Raszledvane)

Germany/Bulgaria/The Netherlands 2006, Feature film, 105' | Director, Screenpplay Iglika Trifonova | DoP Rali Raltschev | Editor Yordanka Bachvarova | Sound Antoin Cox | Music Han Otten | Cast Krassimir Dokov, Svetla Yancheva, Labina Mitevska, Kliment Denchev, Deyan Donkov, Hristo Garbov, Emilia Radeva, Tanya Shahova, Margita Gosheva, Peter Slabakov | Production KLAS Film, Flying Moon Filmproduktion, Phanta Vision

A murder has been committed in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Plamen, brother of the victim, has been arrested as the only suspect. Unfortunately, there is no hard evidence, neither witnesses nor other signs that he might have killed his brother. The only chance the investigators have is to force the strong-willed man into making a confession. For three weeks, he has been in custody and has been interrogated daily, but still he has not talked. And without a charge he can only be detained for another three weeks.

Alexandra, the only female investigator in the department, immerses herself in the world of crime, with the instincts urge of a hunter. In search of new information, by day she questions all those who have already been interviewed by the first investigator. At night she interrogates Plamen. Gradually the picture emerges of a tragedy in the past, full of jealousy, rivalry, fury and despair. And although Plamen remains unrelentingly silent, it becomes obvious that he is losing the ground beneath his feet.

Totally obsessed by the case, this places more strain on Alexandra's already complicated relationship with her husband and seven-year-old daughter. Loneliness links the hunter to the hunted, and he begins looking forward to the interrogations. A fascinating psycho-gram of the participants develops in a labyrinthine game of questions and answers between the inspector and the detainee.

Raszledvane is a criminological search for the possibility or impossibility of human communication. The second full-length feature film of Bulgarian Iglika Trifonova has won eleven national and seven international awards.


IGLIKA TRIFFONOVA studied film & TV at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia. Her career began with a series of documentaries, the first being Year of 1990, documenting the year after the fall of the Berlin wall. The film was selected by numerous festivals and won First prize at Prix Futura, Berlin, 1991. Muder Stories (1993) was awarded The Golden Rose for best Bulgarian Documentary in 1994. The film played an important role in forming the public opinion during the debate against the death penalty held in Bulgarian in the early 90s. Her first feature, Letter to America (2000), was awarded nine national prizes, including the Bulgarian nomination for the 2001 Oscar awards for best foreign film. Iglika Triffonova lives in Sofia with her husband, the actor Triffonova, who plays the husband in The Investigation.

Iglika Trifonova
Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria
Feature Film
Focus: Around the Balkans