Serbia 2008, Documentary, 30' | Director, Screenplay, DoP Ivana Todorovic | Editor Goran Mijic | Sound Milan Mihajlovic | Music Milos Dabic | Production Blok Production

Bojan loves graffiti and hip-hop. Born in Split, Croatia, and after he lost his father in the war, he escaped to Serbia with his mother and sister. When he was eleven, his mother died and he was taken to an orphanage. At the age of 18, in accordance with Serbian law, he lost his right to institutional accommodation and became homeless. He was just 21 when he died of an overdose on 11 June 2009, a year after Rapresent was made.


The self-styled video street fighter from Belgrade IVANA TODOROVIC shoots low-budget or even no-budget socio-critical documentaries about her heroes of society. Her films have won acclaim at the Mixed Messages Film Festival in New York, the Ethnographic Film Festival in Belgrade and the Human Rights Film Festival in Montreal.

Ivana Todorovic
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans