Queer Sarajevo Festival

Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008, Documentary, 33' | Director, Screenplay Masa Hilcisin, Cazim Derviševic | DoP, Editor, Sound Cazim Derviševic | Production Udruženje Q

The first Queer Sarajevo Festival (QSF), which was supposed to be taking place from 24 to 28 September 2008, coincided with the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan. There were threats before it started, and at the opening event the organisers were attacked. The violence escalated and a dozen people were injured. The festival had to be stopped for reasons of safety, but the organisers are continuing to fight for their rights.

The documentation will be screened prior to the Podium Discussion: Balkan Queer Pride.


The Bosnian MASA HILCISIN (born in 1978) lives in Prague. She is active in numerous culture, media and human rights projects and concentrates in particular on feminist issues. She is currently writing her thesis on documentary film.

ĆAZIM DERVISEVIĆ was born in Sarajevo in 1973. He has worked on several documentaries, television documentations, short plays and commercials as director, cameraman, editor or producer.

Masa Hilcisin, Cazim Derviševic, Cazim Dervisevic
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Documentary, Short Film
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