Germany 2010, 30' | Director Christina Ebelt | DoP Henning Drechsler, Mischa Leinkauf | Screenplay Christina Ebelt, Piet Fuchs, Mischa Leinkauf | Sound Andreas Turnwald, Matthias Haeb | Cast Piet Fuchs, Sonja Baum, Kai Ivo Baulitz, Daniel Drewes, Till Butterba | Production Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

The return of slavery, or reducing world starvation levels? Five young entrepreneurs taking part in a five-day seminar are confronted with these existential questions. In their search for investors, the self-appointed elite of the German economy try to optimise their sales strategies with a great deal of Power!


CHRISTINA EBELT studied at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts and has already won many awards for her films. Together with Jan Bonny she wrote the screenplay for the cinema film Gegenüber, which has won several awards, including the German Film Sponsorship Award .

MISCHA LEINKAUF worked as assistant director, recording manager, production manager and editor, before working as a cameraman and director in 2003. The film Trotzdem Danke, made with performance artist Mathias Wermke, was nominated for the German Short Film Award.

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eintag 2007
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Christina Ebelt
Feature Film, Short Film
Focus: Now What