Pirinop, meu primeiro contato

Brazil 2007, Documentary, 80' | Director, Screenplay, DoP Mari Corrêa, Karané Ikpeng | Editor Mari Corrêa, Aurélie Ricard, Karané Ikpeng | Sound Natuyú Ikpeng | Music Yuri Queiroga

''When I was a child, my grandfather told me the story of a noisy bird that changed our life forever.''
Karané Ikpeng

Until 1964, the Ikpeng Indians had lived in isolation on the banks of the River Xingu in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. But then the white gold-diggers came and claimed the territory as theirs. The Ikpeng were resettled on a reservation in Xingu where they have remained until this day. Whereas the elders have never overcome the loss of their homeland, the younger Ikpeng are beginning to forget the history of their people.

Co-director Karané Ikpeng is one of them. He learnt the craft of film-making at workshops run by "Video nas Aldeias" ("Video in the Villages"), an NGO. Our film is narrated from the perspective of the Indians themselves. Past and present and woes and humour intermingle as the Ikpeng conjure up memories of their lost homeland. They skilfully re-enact episodes relating to their first encounters with White Man ? the first aeroplane, presents dropped by parachute, their fear and the radical destruction of their culture.


MARI CORRÊA graduated in social studies and film studies in São Paulo and at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has worked as director and editor on a number of documentaries. Since 1998, she has been co-director of the NGO Video nas Aldeias (Video in the Villages) which, founded in 1987, has been helping the indigenous population of Brazil with both equipment and training programmes to use the medium of film and express their identity and cultural heritage.

Mari Corrêa, Karané Ikpeng, Mari Correa, Karane Ikpeng