Part Time Heroes

Austria 2007, Experimental, 33' | Director Mara Matuschka, Chris Haring | Screenplay Chris Haring, Liquid Loft | DoP Sepp Nermuth | Editor Mara Mattuschka | Sound Andreas Berger | Cast Stephanie Berger, Ulrika Kinn Swennson, Johnny Schoofs, Giovanni Scarcella

In an old hotel somewhere, the four protagonists are seeking out that drop of fame, attention and, perhaps, love. Through loudspeakers, radio, dance and eroticism, illusions are gyrated, pretence of contact is made, productions and self-dramatisations are rehearsed.

Mara Mattuschka made this experimental film, based on "Kind of Heroes" by "Liquid Loft", together with the author and choreographer Chris Haring.


Filmmaker, painter and performance artist MARA MATTUSCHKA was born 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She first studied ethnology and linguistics at the "University of Vienna" and graduated from "Vienna University of Applied Arts". She is a member of the "Austria Filmmakers Cooperative" and sits on the executive board of the "ASIFA" ("Association Internationale du Film").

Born 1970, CHRIS HARING has worked as a dancer with a number of international companies. In 2005, he and other dancers set up the project known as "Liquid Loft".

Mara Matuschka
Experimental, Short Film