Love conquers all (Mo shi mo wang)

Malaysia 2006, Feature film, 90'| Director, Screenplay, Editor Tan Chui Mui | DoP James Lee | Sound Steven Leong, Ng Ken Kin | Music Lang Mang | Cast Coral Ong Li Whei, Leong Jiun Jiun, Stephen Chua, Ho Chi Lai | Production Nikki Tok

"You don't have a choice. Unless you jump", John said.
She opened the car door, looked out, hesistated. Jumping is too painful. And it's dark ahead and it's dark behind. So she closed the door. And then it was too late to jump anyway.

At some point in the 1980s, when there weren't any mobile phones, Ah Peng comes to Kuala Lumpur to work at the Mixed Rice Store run by her aunt. Alone in a strange city, she feels lonely and bored. Every day, she goes to a public telephone box and calls up her family and boyfriend at home. And then she meets John.

John's intentions with Ah Peng are clearly not honourable. Yet mysteriously she's attracted to him. Although he boasts that his cousin exploits lonely women and gets them into prostitution, she cannot or will not believe that anything similar could happen to her. Be that as it may, the film has a surprising conclusion.

This low-budget production Mo shi mo wang by young director Tan Chui Mui has a visual language reminiscent of the documentary format. Stephen Chua, the actor who plays John, is lead vocalist in an indie group known as "Lang Mang", who provide the soundtrack here.


Born 1978, TAN CHUI MUI is a Chinese Malaysian film-maker based in Malaysia. In 2002, she graduated with a Bachelor in Film & Animation from the "Multimedia University of Malaysia". She is actively involved on the Malaysian independent film scene, working as producer, editor, script-writer and occasionally actress. In 2004, she set up "Da Huang Pictures" with Amir Muhammad, James Lee and Liew Seng Tat. Mo shi mo wang is her first feature-length film.

Tan Chui Mui
Feature Film
Debut Feature Film Competition