Line (Linie)

Germany 2009, Experimental, 3' | Director, Realization Johanna Reich

Using basic resources, Linie takes a high-resolution camera to its limits: a person dressed in black paints a black line on a wall, with their back to the camera. Through the lighting conditions, the boundary before the eyes of the viewer gradually dissolves until the person is lost entirely in the work. It manages to outsmart technology using analogue resources of paint brush and paint - the physical border between artist and art is crossed, (wo)man and painting become one.

During the performance with a DLP projector in the cinema (the colour black is achieved here by the projector not emitting any light at the point that is supposed to be black), the black line extinguishes the light of the projection.


Johanna Reich
studied Free Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster and was in master-classes at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, including one under Wim Wenders. From 2007 to 2009 she took a postgraduate course at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Reich lives and works in Barcelona and Cologne.

Johanna Reich
Experimental, Short Film