Austria 2008, Animation, 7' | Director, Screenplay, Animation, DoP, Sound, Producer Nana Swiczinsky | Music Andi Haller

A deconstructive remix of existing hetero-porn films with a pseudo-lesbian plot. Sexual acts are clearly visible. The body shapes, however, merge and transform themselves continually. Through the use of morph software, the coarse grain of the print images is distorted in a moiré-like fashion, some pixels are blown up into bulky areas, others squashed into pin-like stripes.


Nana Swiczinsky was born in Vienna in 1969. After training as a graphic designer, she studied painting & animation film at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She worked as a court illustrator for a newspaper and as an illustrator for print media and advertising. In 1993, she took part in the Trans-European Animation Marathon of Folimage Studios in Valence (France). In 1993/94, she studied at the Institut St. Luc in Brussels and since 1996 as a postgraduate at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts.

Nana Swiczinsky
Animation, Short Film
desired! - film lust & queer