Le torchon brûle

France 1911, silent, 5' | Director Roméo Bosetti | Cast Sarah Duhamel | Production Pathé Comica No. 4330 | Contact EYE Film Instituut Nederland

A husband moans about his meal and thus sparks a furious row between the couple, its violence and intensity making nonsense of the laws of physics.


Sarah Duhamel
's biographical details are unknown, but we have evidence of screen appearances from 1909 to 1922. She started as a child performer on stage in Rouen and Paris (at the Odéon and Antoine's Théâtre Libre) and she was the sister of actress and singer Bianca Dunhamel, a celebrity in the 1890s. Sarah Duhamel first appeared in film as a clown of wide girth for Gaumont and later joined Pathé Comica where she created, with Roméo Bosetti as director, the successful Rosalie series, with at least 32 films.

Roméo Bosetti
Silent Film, Short Film
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