Le Tigre On Tour: Who took the bomp?

USA 2010, Documentary, 75' | Director Kerthy Fix | DoP Carmen Covelli | Production Le Tigre | Distribution Oscilloscope Pictures

»They call it climbing and we call it visibility
They call it coolness and we call it visibility
They call it way too rowdy, we call it finally free«
Le Tigre, from the song Viz

Kathleen Hanna was a pioneer of the Riot Grrrl movement and frontwoman of the feminist punk band Bikini Kill. After Bikini Kill broke up at the end of the 1990s, she and fanzine writer Johanna Fateman and video artist Sadie Benning set up the no less radical electroclash band Le Tigre. When Sadie Benning left the band, her place was taken by JD Samson. In their music, Le Tigre pick up on feminist, queer and other political themes – with their convictions mirrored in the everyday life of the band. There are no set roles (as we know from rock bands) and each member can assume any function. Since they see themselves as performance artist, they add multimedia and performance-art elements to their live shows.
From 2004 to 2005, the film accompanies the band on their last world tour through four continents and ten countries. Thanks to an edit mix of concerts, backstage material and interviews, Kerthy Fix provides a vivid documentary of life on the road for the musicians, gets behind their motivation and also records their subversive attempts to counteract the sexism and homophobia inherent in the world of rock music.

Kerthy Fix's first film job was production assistant on Slacker (1991) Her first television job was with PBS TV – holding cue cards for Willie Nelson. Since then, she has directed three movies and worked on many other films as producer or co-producer, including the award-winning TV series, Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman which she co-produced for the Sundance Channel with director Jennifer Fox. In 2010, she directed Strange Powers while writing with Craig Harwood the screenplay for a documentary film about Christine Jorgenson, the first famous transsexual. It was one of five scripts to be accepted into the Outfest 2009 ScriptLab and went on to win the Newfest 2009 Script Competition.

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