The Art of being Human (Konsten att vara människa)

Sweden 2010, Documentary, 60' | Director, Screenplay Helene Granqvist, Hampus Linder | DoP Hampus Linder | Production Helene Granqvist Good Film & Postproduction

Are our standards, conventions and social values really such that they make it easier for people to live together, or is the idea of a self-determining, responsibly acting individual an illusion? Are the established systems of values and norms getting out of control, or is there room for freedom of choice? Is there nothing more we can do to escape excessive demands and acceleration, or is it possible to survive the vagaries of cancer, burn out and being put on hold?

In The Art of Being Human, Helene Granqvist and Hampus Lindner show how people organise their daily lives in postindustrial society: Martin works as a traffic warden in Malmö. Although he always does his job well, he never gets any praise. His colleague Lars does not like his job, he can't cope with people's constantly hostile attitudes. Susanne has already suffered two burn-outs. She knows she cannot change society, not even the large company where she works. When she wonders about making changes in her own life, something radical happens to her.

Håkan Hydén, professor in sociology of law, combines these narrative threads in reflections on humanity, our relationships, nature and eternity in a post-industrial society.

Swedisch Filmmaker and Producer HELENE GRANQVIST was born in 1961. After graduating from the Royal Theatre School of Copenhagen in 1988, she spent a decade working as a set designer for film, theatre and national television. In 1999, she started realising her vision of an alternative, interactive and internet-based TV channel.

HAMPUS LINDER was born in 1978. He studied at various Swedish film schools and is currently preparing his first feature film.

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Helene Granqvist, Hampus Linder
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