Germany 2007, 27' | Director, Screenplay Lena Knauss | DoP Heiko Gabriel | Editor Lukas Moll | Sound Sabrina Michalewicz, Daniel Oberbanscheidt, Klaus Hanselmann | Music Moritz Schmittat | Cast Bettina Hoppe, Lara Beckmann, Lisa Marie Janke, Björn Bonn | Production Linda Krämer

Anna and Marie fall in love with one another, although they are both in a relationship: Anna with a woman, Marie with a man. They both feel the same infatuation for each other, but this feeling means something different to each of them.

For Marie, the younger one, everything she had thought to be right in her life until now is questioned. But she is prepared to give everything up for this new adventure. Is adventure also more important for Anna than the familiar?
Kirschrot tells of the clash of different emotional worlds, and of rushing headlong into these emotional worlds, wandering around, losing oneself.


LENA KNAUSS was born in 1984 in Böblingen. While still at school she was in charge of the school television station. After an internship at the production company Los Banditos Films in Stuttgart and at the SWR Workshop Training @ media she was director's assistant for a season at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. Since 2005 she has been studying Directing / Scenic Film at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Lena Knauss
Short Film
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