Karo und der liebe Gott

Austria 2006, Feature film, 94' | Director Danielle Proskar | DoP Gerhard Hierzer | Editor, Music Klaus Hundsbichler | Sound Franz Moritz | Cast Resi Reiner, Branko Samarovski, Petra Morzé and others | Production MINI FILM | Distribution alpha medienkontor GmbH

Peter Lenz is a match-maker but only on TV where he presents a dating show. In real life, he's about to be divorced, his wife Alice and daughter Karo already having moved out. Now Karo doesn’t like her new unusual surroundings too much; nor does she really understand why that her Mum left Dad with so little resistance. After all, when you're eight, you have the courage to change the world. "God is the light of your life. A light that will shine and show you the way in good times as in bad", is what the priest says in his sermon at Karo's First Communion. Meaning that Dear God will also find an answer to Karo's woes. Her most treasured item is a walkie-talkie. The second in the pair went missing when they moved house. When you have two walkie-talkies you can play really well; with one, at least you can pray perfectly. "Please God, let things go back to how they used to be.." And one day God actually replies. Whether there might be ways and means of getting Karo's parents together again? Hmm, God will have to think about that when He's got a moment. Karo finds out that God Himself lives in the floor beneath her new flat. An old man in ragged clothes who wanders through the neighbourhood with bags of wine bottles. But Karo knows that God is grumpy only because He is not too content with His world. Besides, Dear God is a good playmate and is racking His brains about Karo's woes. His suggestions range from words of defiance to doing the tango.

A film garnished with Viennese wit and sly humour that will encourage children to cope with those awkward situations in life. Despite all the tribulations it depicts, the film exudes a relaxed atmosphere. And the interaction between child actor Resi Reiner and seasoned Austrian national theatre actor Branko Samarovski is of compelling naturalness.


DANIELLE PROSKAR – the Austrian film director, camera technician and screenwriter – was born in 1964. From 1990 to 1992, she worked as camera assistant for the South Europe Studios of Germany_s TV Channel 2 (ZDF) and that included work in the war-torn territories of former Yugoslavia. In 1995, she completed her degree in film direction and cinematography at Vienna Film Academy. From 1993 to 1999, she worked as a camera assistant and camera technician on various TV plays, series and documentaries in Austria and Germany. Since 1996, Ms Proskar has also written and directed advertising films, portraits and documentaries. Karo und der liebe Gott (Karo and God Himself) is her first full-length cinema movie.

Danielle Proskar
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