Joe Dimaggio 1,2,3

USA 1991, Experimental, 11' | Director, Realization Anne McGuire

Filmmaker turned stalker: Anne McGuire is filming straight from her car down by the harbour in San Francisco when, just by chance, baseball legend Joe Dimaggio walks into view. She follows him with her camera …


ANNE MCGUIRE began making videos during her studies in the 80s. In her works she plays around with conventions of perception. For her film Strain Andromeda The (1993), she re-edits Robert Wise’s The Andromeda Strain (1971) in such a way that it starts with the end, and ends with the beginning. Apart from her video work, McGuire also writes poems and appears on stage as a singer. She taught video art at the Kyung Sung University in Korea, the San Francisco Art Institute, the University of California Santa Cruz and Stanford University.

Anne McGuire
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Freedom