Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle

France 2009, Animation, 9' | Director, Screenplay Vergine Keaton | Animation Anna Khmelevskaya | Sound Vale Poher | Production 25 Films | Distribution Bonobostudio

During a hunt, a herd of deer turn on the pack of dogs pursuing them, turning the hunted into the hunters. Vergine Keaton sends the animals in Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle through landscapes that disintegrate in an apocalypse-like manner, only to be recreated in a new guise. As a basis for the scenery she used pictorial motifs from 19th century engravings.

VERGINE KEATON studied graphic design and cinema and works today as a freelance illustrator and director. She draws for press, musical productions and theatre. In 2008, she joined 25 Films production and made her first short film I Was Crying out at Life. Or for It.

Vergine Keaton
Animation, Short Film
Focus: Now What