Oxhide (Niu pi)

China 2005, Documentary, 110' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor, Sound Liu Jiayin | Cast Jia Huifen, Liu Jiayin, Zaiping Liu

"You can hear the sound of the train in Niu Pi because the film was shot in a small flat near the railway tracks. This is my home. The entire film was shot there, including the interiors.

The actors who acted as the parents and their child are my parents and me in real life. The movie is about our lives, our home and the difficulties we have with one another.

I chose 23 scenes from our daily life as I directed the movie. For my parents, the whole process was like uncovering a scar. Through the lens I saw our life. There was no other way to describe it.

My home is 50 square metres in size but the screen format is cinemascope. The film shows my family the way I see it: narrow, depressive, dim and warm. Apart from us there, nobody else gets a look-in. It took me 40 days to shoot the film. During that time - once I was back from school, my mom back from the factory and my dad back from the shop - we started filming. A major part of the shooting took place at night. The story continues in real life?
Liu Jiayin.

"The shots reduce the space, trimmed back in a style that is at once radical and stunning. At no time does the viewer see the flat or any of the people in their entirety. Oxhide is a film whose intelligence lays in the way it brings both the shown and that which is not shown into play. It is a rare wonder". Ekkehard Knörer / perlentaucher.de

After the screening, the Dortmund|Cologne International Women's Film Festival has invited the director Liu Jiayin to take part in an open workshop and talk in detail about her films and the conditions under which she works.


LIU JIAYIN was born 1981 in Beijing. In 1999, she enrolled at the "Beijing Film Academy" where she majored in screenwriting. Her first short The Brain was made in 2002. Niu Pi is her first feature film.

Liu Jiayin
Focus: China