Over The Lezbow

Südkorea 2007, 19' | Director, Screenplay Choi Zinyoung | DoP Sally Choi | Editor Eunju Hwang | Sound Cheol Kim, Jiyoung Bea | Music Ziihiion | Cast Yeseul Choi, Hyunwoo Zinn, Sunyeong Hwang, Mijin Lee, Eunmi Lee

A fortune-teller gives Byuk-Jang a piece of magic glass, through which she can see hidden lesbian desires.

OVER THE LEZBOW is a fairy tale filmed in the style of a silent movie about a young woman in search of her sexual identity.


South Korean ZINYOUNG CHOI graduated in 2002 from her film studies at the Chung-ang University. Her short films have won a number of awards.

Choi Zinyoung
South Korea
Feature Film, Short Film
desired! film lust & queer