Bus (Otobus)

Israel 2009, Documentary, 11' | Director, Screenplay Yasmine Novak | DoP Daniel Gal | Editor Yasmine Novak, Lior Elefant | Sound Noam Pinchas | Production Mozer Films Ltd.

Jerusalem is the city of parallel worlds. Next to the Israeli bus company 'Egged' there is a Palestinian bus service. This transports people from West Jerusalem to Arab neighbourhoods and the Palestinian border.

Yasmine Novak goes on such a journey: is there anyone not looking out the window? Passengers get in and out, always on the move, trying to live their lives among this maze of rules, walls, soldiers and permits. Will they ever reach their destination?

Otobus is part of the project Jerusalem Moments 2009 - seven documentarys by seven Israeli an Palestinian filmmakers.


34-year-old YASMINE NOVAK was born in Canada and graduated in Film studies from Tel Aviv University. Her graduation film Zohar was screened at numerous festivals and won 13 awards. Novak works mainly as an editor, most recently for Lior Geler and Marcus Vetter on the film The Heart of Jenin (2008).

Yasmine Novak
Documentary, Short Film