On Your Back Woman

Sweden 2009, 5' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor, Sound Wolfe Madame | Music Fever Ray | Production Mia Engberg

A violent yet tender pornographic comedy, in which five women test the limits of their empathy, their pain and their strength in wrestling matches. A sadomasochistic game, a burlesque dance of will-power, and the discovery of macho violence in female sexuality. The director asks: "Do we really want to win the game? What are we actually fighting for?"

On Your Back Woman is one of twelf short films that have appeared in Sweden under the title Dirty Diaries - 12 shorts of feminist porn, a project by Swedish film-maker Mia Engberg. All the films are shot with a cell-phone camera. The production had a grant from the state Swedish Film Institute of 500,000 Krone (50,000 Euro). Conservative circles criticised the fact that taxpayer's money was spent on feminist porn. The films are introduced at www.dirtydiaries.se. In addition, a 10-point manifesto defines the genre of feminist porn.


Wolfe Madam is the pseudonym of a well-known Swedish film-maker.

Wolfe Madame
Feature Film, Short Film
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