Omelette (Omlet)

Bulgaria 2008, 7' | Director Nadejda Koseva | Screenplay Georgi Gospodinov | Editor Nina Altaparmakova | Sound Momchil Bozhkov | Cast Svetla Tsotsorkova | Production Agitprop

There's a country where people wake up poorer and poorer every morning. Inflation grows by the hour ... September 1996, Sofia, somewhere in Europe.

Omelette was produced as part of 15, a Bulgarian anthology film: A total of 15 short films about the last 15 years of transition in Bulgaria by 15 acclaimed contemporary Bulgarian authors in film and theatre. This short from Nadejda Koseva got an honourable mention from the jury at the Sundance Film Festival 2009.


NADEJDA KOSEVA was born 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating from the Bulgarian National Film and Television Academy, Nadejda Koseva directed the short fiction film The Ritual, part of the anthology film Lost and Found which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2005. She produced the Bulgarian short fiction film Waltzes and Tangos from the Village of Whitewater which premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival 2007. The Ritual can also be seen in the programme section Focus: Around the Balkans at this year's Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival.

Nadeja Koseva
Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans