Germany 2011, Documentary, 102' | Director, Realization Hanne Klaas | Production Beuth Hochschule Berlin

18 years after the suicide of her brother Ole in 1991, Hanne Klaas decides to make this film, thus breaking the silence that had surrounded the family until then. The film describes the everyday life of a family with many children, contrasting the present day situation with the past.

The house is empty, the parents are divorced, the children are stuck in their own lives, everything has changed. And yet this experience is still very close and is expressed in detailed descriptions of the night the death occurred, and the time directly after this. The brother and son who are not present are expressed through prose text and diary entries.

Jury statement: The outer view of a family house at dusk. Night slowly falls. Over this static, 5-minute long shot, a voice talks about the death of a child. We are already captivated by the film. We are slowly immersed in the story and we experience how the family members personally deal with loss and with their grieving. Not everything is explained immediately. Half shadows, darkness, high contrast are the stylistic methods used by Hanne Klaas. This consistently applied visual layer provides a projection surface for our emotions. In very personal interview sequences the director of photography and filmmaker also demonstrates her high visual aspirations. Clearly composed images, a precise aperture selection, precisely lit. This turns a personal story into a cinema experience.


HANNE KLAAS is born in 1982 in Siegen. In 2005, she begins studying audiovisual media/camera at the Beuth Hochschule, Berlin. She spends 2007/8 in Canada, where she does a 5-month internship at Clairmont Camera, studies film for a term at Simon Fraser University / School for Contemporary Arts and makes experimental video works and installations. In 2010, she graduates from her course in Berlin with the documentary film Ole. She is currently studying European film and media studies in Weimar, Lyon and Utrecht.

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