Itty Bitty Titty Committee

USA 2007, Feature film, 87' | Director Jamie Babbit | Screenplay Tina Mabry, Abigail Shafran | DoP Chrstine A. Maier | Editor Jane Pia Abramowitz | Sound Josh Amaral u.a. | Music Roanna Gillespie | Cast Nicole Vicius, Melonie Diaz, Carla Alaponte, Bruce Cronander | Production Lisa Thrasher | Distribution Power up!

In American slang, according to the "Urban Dictionary", Itty Bitty Titty Committee refers to a sort of self-help group of girls with small breasts (with cup size A or smaller).

Anna is a shy and insecure teenager - and lesbian. She is bored stiff with her work in a company for breast implants. When she fails her college entrance exam, and then her girlfriend leaves her, her world begins to collapse.
One night Anna gets to know pretty Sadie as she is spraying a wall with radical feminist slogans. Sadie introduces her to the group "Clits in Action" (abbreviation: "CIA"), who want to combat male dominated society with various actions. Crazy about sexy Sadie, Anna joins the group and gets involved in their night escapades. This shy and self-effacing girl is immersed in a new world, and feels a new feminist confidence awakening in her.

But the effect of the CIA actions is minimal, and their webpage, designed with great devotion, receives hardly any hits. The group quarrels, and the fact that Anna and Sadie are sleeping together does not exactly help the situation. The atmosphere is really bad, but then Anna has a great idea for a spectacular new action to attract the media's attention. She rounds up the estranged bunch for one last fling together, one that should go down like a bomb...


JAMIE BABBIT, born in 1970 in Shaker Hights, Ohio, studied West African Sciences at Barnard College and took courses in film directing at New York University at the same time. After short film projects and several jobs as script consultant and production assistant (including for Martin Scorsese), she made her celebrated feature film debut in 1999 with But I'm a Cheerleader. Since then she has directed numerous well-known TV series, such as The L Word, Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Alias, Nip/Tuck and Malcolm in the Middle.

Jamie Babbit
Feature Film
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