I turn over the pictures of my voice in my head

Austria 2008, Experimental, 12' | Director, Screenplay, Editor, Production Valie Export | DoP Erhard Suess | Distribution sixpack film

Pictures of the vocal tract and reflections.

"The difficult voice, the divided voice. The voice is a suture, the voice is a seam, the voice is a cut, the voice is a tear, the voice is my identity, it is not body or spirit, it is sign, it is sign of images, it is a sign of sensuality. It is a sign of symbols, it is border. It speaks the 'split body', it is hidden in the body's clothing, it is always somewhere else. The breath of life is its source.
Valie Export: extract from the spoken text


In the late 1960s, VALIE EXPORT caused a stir with her radical feminist art and expanded cinema actions such as Tapp und Tastkino (1968) and Genitalpanik (1969), sometimes with violent disturbances. After working as an artist for four decades, Valie Export is seen as one of the most significant protagonists in media art. She was a visiting professor at many institutions in Europe and the USA.

Valie Export