I Kissed a Girl

France 2009, 4' | Director, Realization Patricia et Colette | Music Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Cathy Dennis

Since 2007, Aurélie Lemanceau and Isabelle Lelièvre have been making amusing internet films as Patricia and Colette, which became successful very quickly, and they appear live as a comedy duo. Their clips, filmed on the do-it-yourself principle (they called their production company Herself Production) are now being shown at festivals as well.

With I Kissed a Girl they are presenting their own music video to the Katy Perry hit and in hilarious fashion reveal the phoney text of the pop song.


AURÉLIE LEMANCEAU attended acting school, and there followed work in theatre projects and films. But good roles are rare, and so Aurélie bought herself a camera and started filming. Isabelle Lelièvre studied acting at the Théâtre National Dijon Bourgogne and worked with top flight women directors and writers. She met Aurélie at the Jean Perimony Drama School.

Patricia et Colette
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