Night Owls (Deti Noci)

Czech Republik 2008, Feature film, 90' | Director Michaela Pavlátová | DoP Martin Strba | Production Katerina Riley

Ofka is a young and talented girl from the Prague suburbs, on the verge of adulthood. Whereas most of her classmates have already begun studying, Ofka stands at the till of her brother-in-law's corner shop every night, serving the night owls and lost and homeless figures. After her boyfriend has left her for her best friend, Ofka falls into a strange lethargy and stops drawing. When she is not standing behind the counter she takes off into the night with her friend Ubr. He also lives in his own world, collecting old objects from rubbish bins, and gives the impression of being clumsy and indecisive – and he is hopelessly in love with Ofka. When she is brutally attacked one night, the bubble bursts in which Ofka has been living. Now she has to make decisions about the rest of her life. Slowly she emerges from the dark and back into the daylight.

Deti noci tells the story of a transition, minimalist and precise, unpretentious, with two intensive actors who are both, in very different ways, quite emotional in their defencelessness. The second full-length feature film by Michaela Pavlátová, who is actually known for her animation films, was a hit with the audience at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Martha Issová and Jiri Mádl won awards for the parts they played.


Fine artist and filmmaker MICHAELA PAVLÁTOVÁ, born in 1961, studied at the Prague Academy for Art, Architecture and Design. Her animation films have won many awards. Words, Words, Words was nominated for an Oscar in 1993. Repet won the Golden Bear in the short film category at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1995. Her first work in the field of real film was Absolute Love, one of four episodes from Praha ocima (Prague Stories). In 2001, she caused a stir with her documentation O babicce (On Grandma). For her first feature film Neverné hry (Faithless Games 2003) she won the special prize of the jury at the International Film Festival San Sebastian. Michaela Pavlátová teaches at the Prague Film School FAMU and at the Prague Academy for Art, Architecture and Design.

Michaela Pavlátová, Michaela Pavlatova
Czech Republic
Feature Film
Feature Film Competition