The Cancer Journals Revisited

USA 2018, documentary, DCP, coloe & b/w, 98'
Lana Lin
World sales Women Make Movies |

Film-maker Lana Lin examines Audre Lorde's Cancer Journals, also from the point of view of her own experience of breast cancer. Together with many other participants in the project, she reads Lorde's book from queer of colour perspectives, re-enacting her thoughts and their relevance for all individuals. The film is an emphatic record of how we deal with bodies, pain and finality. The film is a polyvocal projection of the experiences Lorde describes in her journals, giving expression to the many different aspects of life with the illness and preoccupation with mortality. Visually, Lana Lin always finds new images. She makes associations and experiments in her filmic interpretation of Lorde's writing. On this level, too, the film succeeds in relating the past and present to each other. Equally, the film is an autobiographical work, its starting point being the film-maker's own personal experience. She contributes her experience to a collective understanding by connecting it to Lorde's experiences and to her protagonists. Mechanisms of social exclusion in the form of misogyny and racism are reflected in the treatment of illness and death. The central issue here is the way bodies are dealt with as vulnerable bodies, bodies, however, which should not be visible as such.

Sun, 13.09.2020, 9 p.m., Filmpalette, Tickets